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Renata Palms, Supervisor of Marketing, leads all marketing efforts for Ascend Education. Renata has over 5 years of marketing experience with Ascend Education and a B.S. in both Marketing and Information Technology. Her primary role is to develop and execute the marketing plans that build successful relationships with school personnel and parents and make them aware of the services offered by Ascend Education. Her areas of responsibility include the corporate website, social media, email marketing and events.

Earth Day Math!

We’ve shared fun Earth Day math problems from our Ascend Math Partners over the years. Here are a few of our favorites to share with your class. If a tree grows 5 branches and each of those branches grows an … Continue reading

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Celebrate Earth Day 2019 and receive a pack of Earth Day Pencils!

Monday, April 22nd is Earth Day! This year’s Earth Day theme is to Protect Our Species. We hope you have lots of Earth Day fun planned for your classrooms. Share your class’ earth day activities with us on Twitter or … Continue reading

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More March Mathness Problems!

We’re continuing our series of fun March Mathness problems this week. Here are a few more problems that your class is sure to enjoy. Auburn and Virginia will play each other in the Semi-Final on Saturday. In the last round … Continue reading

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March Mathness VI

Here are two awesome examples of past march math problems! But first we would like to challenge your classes to create and submit your own NCAA tournament related math problems! You could use the graphing exploration, another Ascend Math resource … Continue reading

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March Madness is here!

This year we’ll kick off our fun related blog, March Mathness, with an activity created by the Ascend Math Team! Use the Ascend Math Graph Exploration to plot the distribution of team colors and mascots by referring to: Why you should always pick blue … Continue reading

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Your students will love these holiday math problems!

Happy Holidays from Ascend Math! Here are some festive math problems to share with your class as you celebrate the holidays. Santa’s reindeers Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixon, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blixon, and Rudolph were helping in wrapping gifts. Dasher can … Continue reading

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Excellent advice on helping students below grade level succeed in math

Math Interventionist Brian Wessel provides helpful advice on how to instruct eighth grade students with math skill gaps several grades below level.  Brian shares several of his findings including suggesting a scaffold approach in this video recorded during a special … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Math Problems

I thought you might want to share these fun Thanksgiving math problems with your class.  Three covered baskets were brought to the Thanksgiving dinner. The first covered basket has two pumpkin pies. The second covered basket has two apple pies. The … Continue reading

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Your Brain on Math

Business Insider put out a fascinating story with pictures of scans showing what happens in the brain when solving a math problem.  They indicated four distinct steps: encoding (reading and understanding the problem), planning (strategizing how to tackle the problem), … Continue reading

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