More March Mathness Problems!

We’re continuing our series of fun March Mathness problems this week. Here are a few more problems that your class is sure to enjoy.

Auburn and Virginia will play each other in the Semi-Final on Saturday. In the last round Auburn beat Kentucky 77 to 71. Virginia beat Purdue 80 to 75. Determine how many points each team won by. Which team won by the greatest margin?

In Michigan State’s thrilling 68-67 win over Duke on Saturday, Michigan State made 30 out of 70 field goals. Duke made 26 out of 57 field goals. Determine the field goal percentage for each by dividing 30 by 70 and 26 by 57. Who had the better field goal percentage? A. While Duke outshot Michigan State 45.6% to 42.9% the Spartans took 13 more shots to overcome the Blue Devils.

NBA games have 4 12-minute quarters. College games have 2 20-minute halves. Which games are longer, NBA or College, and by how much?

In Gonzaga’s loss to Texas Tech last Saturday they scored 69 points while Texas Tech scored 75. If Gonzaga led by 2 points at half time, by how many points were they outscored in the second half?

Although Duke was defeated by Michigan State on Saturday, The Blue Devils were picked to win the championship in 39.2 percent of all brackets that picked a champion. Use the Ascend Math Graph Exploration to plot the percent of brackets that picked the teams in the upcoming final four tournament to win the championship by referring to: Duke is the team the world picked to win the NCAA tournament. Scroll down to the middle of the article to see the percentages of brackets in which each team was picked to win.

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