Math Intervention Success in Texas!

A short while ago, a team from Crosby Middle School spoke to a packed house of educators about the strategies they were using to help students in need of intervention fill their math skill gaps quickly.  The team included Principal Todd Hicks, Math Interventionist Elisa Joseph, and Alicia Jordal, Instructional Technologist.

Please take a moment to view this brief video outlining their success.

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Earth Day Math – 2015!

Earth Day 2

Celebrate Earth Day with these fun math problems.  We’ve included problems of varying difficulty to challenge both your math intervention and enrichment students.  Included are the best of those submitted to us in past years and some new ones as well.  Enjoy!

  1. Almost 97% of the world’s water is salty or undrinkable, another 2% is locked away in the ice cap or glaciers.  What percent is drinkable?  (Submitted by Southfield School in Shreveport, LA)
  2. The average person uses about 12,000 gallons of water each year.   Using this estimate, how much does your family use?  How much does your class use?
  3. Recycling 1 aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours.  If your TV runs 84 hours this month how many aluminum cans should you recycle to produce the energy needed?
  4. It takes 90% less energy to recycle aluminum cans than to manufacture new ones. So, one thousand cans can be recycled using the same energy as making how many new ones?
  5. Recycling a stack of newspaper just 3 feet high saves one tree.  How many trees are saved if our school collected and recycled 20 stacks of newspapers 6 feet high? (Submitted by Haughton High School, Haughton, LA)
  6. A leaky faucet can waste up to 20 gallons of water per day, and a leaking toilet can waste up to 200 gallons a day.  If 3 leaky faucets and 2 leaking toilets were fixed today how many gallons of water would be saved each day.
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It’s Gold Medal Time for Successful Math Intervention Students

In just a few weeks we will reveal the 2015 Ascend Math Gold Medalist Schools.  So far, six schools have been added to these honorary ranks. Math Intervention students at all six have made amazing progress this year. The nominated schools thus far include:

Oneida Elementary School, Oneida, TN

Glenbrook Middle School, Longmeadow, MA

Holabird STEM Program, Baltimore, MD

Mountain Ridge Junior High, Highland, UT

Timberline Creek Elementary, St. Augustine, FL

Williams Middle School, Longmeadow, MA

There are still more than two weeks left to send nominations.

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National Championship “Big Scoring” Math

March Mathness wraps up tonight.  The National Championship game between Wisconsin and Duke will match two big scorers, Frank Kaminsky and Jahil Okafer.

In Wisconsin’s win over Kentucky Saturday, Kaminsky made 7 out of 11 field goals. Duke Center Okafer also made 7 out of 11 field goals against Michigan State.  Determine their field goal percentage by dividing 7 by 11.

For extra credit convert their free throw attempts to a percentage.

Kaminsky  5 out of 6

Okafer  4 out of 7

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Spartan Math

SpartansThe number seven seeded Michigan State Spartans beat the Louisville Cardinals 76 to 70.  They now join an elite group of three number one seeds in the Final Four.  This certainly would qualify them as the Cinderella Story of the 2015 NCAA tournament.

In their win against Louisville, Spartan Guards Travis Trice and Denzel Valentine combined for 32 points.  What percentage of Michigan State’s total score was contributed by these two players?  How many points were scored by the rest of team?

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Do Snow Days Hurt Math Progress?

A study by Harvard Professor  Joshua Goodman into the effect of snow days on student progress recently appeared in the Washington Post.  He concludes that official snow days do not appear to affect progress, but student absenteeism does negatively effect progress, especially math progress.

“The upshot is not that superintendents should shut down schools when the first snowflake falls,” Goodman said, “but that student absenteeism is a bigger problem than it usually gets credit for in national education debates.”

If schools get their arms around absenteeism it will do more for achievement than other common approaches like drill and practice.

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Sweet Sixteen Algebra

Teams will be travelling to get to their Sweet Sixteen tournament locations this week.  The Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a 251 mile journey to Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.  If their bus averages 64 miles an hour how long will it take them?

Kentucky University has 331 miles to travel to Cleveland.  If they make it in exactly 5 hours how fast will they be travelling?

If the Kentucky team leaves one hour before the Notre Dame team which team will get their first?

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Close the math gender gap with effective intervention strategies

A few weeks ago the Washington Post ran yet another article on the Gender Gap in education.  The article is worth a quick look. 

“These results strongly suggest that gender gaps in school performance are not determined by innate differences in ability,” the report says, calling on parents, teachers and policy makers to help identify and change social factors that contribute to the gender gaps.

Looking at the thousands of students using Ascend Math it is clear that there is no difference in the ability of both boys and girls to succeed at math given the right intervention help.



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March Mathness Begins – Mascot Percentages!

A study released in the this month’s issue of Sports Illustrated magazine reveals that colleges with “bird” mascots have done better than those with animals, fantasy figures, or humans for mascots. Here is how it shapes up

Mascot Winning Percentage
Birds 58%
Fantasy figures/inanimate objects/weather 52%
Canines and felines 47.9%
Other Beasts 46.5%
People 41.1%

According to this study alone which of the following teams should win?   What is the difference in the winning percentages for their mascot types?

Northern Iowa  Panthers vs Wyoming Cowboys

VCU Rams vs Ohio State Buckeyes (a buckeye is a tree nut)

Duke Blue Devils vs North Florida Ospreys

Duke Blue Devils vs Robert Morris Colonials

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Announcing the Return of March Mathness

march mathnessLast year, we devoted the march blog posts to celebrating March Mathness, the math behind the sport of basketball.

Many of you sent in your own math problems for posting. These included  scores, records of teams, distance teams have to travel, the basketball court itself, even the numbers on the player’s jerseys.  Math plays into this annual event in more ways than you might think.

So check this blog regularly for more fun math problems. Send your ideas for March Mathness math problems to

Meanwhile, here is a favorite from last year submitted by students at Northside Elementary:

 Duke played Syracuse 3 times this season. At each game Duke scored the same number of points. The total amount of points scored in the 3 games was 96 points. How many points did they score in each game?

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