Intensive Math Intervention for Tier 2 and Tier 3

Response to Intervention (RTI) provides a tiered model for student instruction and assessment. Ascend Math offers a research-based math intervention program for students identified as struggling with math or who require additional academic support at all tier levels












A Truly Individualized Plan for Each Student. 

Every student is unique with different gaps at different levels. Ascend Math is the one math intervention program that tackles this problem head on. Ascend Math creates a truly individualized study plan for each student reaching down to his or her lowest skill gaps.  A seventh grade student may have a skill gap at the third grade level. A ninth grade student may have a skill gap at the fifth grade level. In order for students to succeed, these gaps must be addressed starting with the lowest and proceeding in the proper sequence. This is exactly what Ascend Math does. This alone separates Ascend Math from nearly every other math intervention offering.

Award Winning Online Instruction

Ascend Math features award winning online instruction delivered by master educators. All lessons include multiple points of interactivity that support step-wise learning and encourage students to think and write about math consistent with today’s rigorous state standards.  Students will encounter learning prompts in each and every objective and interact with the instructor throughout the video lesson.  Following each online lesson students will engage in a hands-on exploration of the objective and a practice test before passing a post-assessment.

Learn about the Ascend Math approach to intensive math intervention

Download our latest White Paper, Six Critical Components of a Strong Math Intervention Program, The Ascend Math Model developed by Strategic Educational Solutions.

Six Critical Components draws upon findings published by the National Center on Response to Intervention, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and others. It provides a clear understanding of tiered math intervention, universal screening, individualized instruction, progress monitoring, data based decision making, and intervention fidelity and integrity and shows how one program, Ascend Math, meets or exceeds all this criteria.


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