Help Every Student Become Successful at Algebra

How Ascend Math Prepares Students for Algebra 1 Quickly

We want all students to be prepared for Algebra when they enter ninth grade, and using Ascend with the middle grade students will help us achieve this goal.

Judy Senter, Curriculum Specialist (retired)

  1. Diagnoses student skill gaps based on your state standards.
  2. Prescribes individual learning paths regardless of grade level automatically. Students work only on the objectives they do not know in a sequenced order.
  3. Motivates students through award-winning online instruction and explorations for 700 objectives.
  4. The result: students work at their own pace filling gaps quickly. Most educators choose to have students continue to attend algebra class while using Ascend Math in a study hall or at home.

  • Students work on objectives online in proper sequence filling gaps quickly.
  • They can pause and review instruction at any time and as often as needed.
  • Instruction and explorations cover conceptual as well algorithmic approaches to the objective.
  • Following instruction and practice students pass a post assessment before moving on to the next objective in their plan.
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  • Struggling with mental math can make algebra harder for some students. Flash Card Math, a math automaticity program, is included at no additional charge with Ascend Math.
  • Provides comprehensive reinforcement in basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
    Optional self-motivating timer helps students gain confidence.
  • Learners work independently at their own pace.
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Aspen Valley High School: Mid-year growth rate for 9th graders was three times greater than the district average and for 10th graders it was four times greater.

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At Youngker High School 83% of students using Ascend gained one grade level or more and 54% gained two or more levels. See more high school research.

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Valley High School: 24% of the students achieved 4 grade levels of growth or more in less than one semester.

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