Change the Paradigm

Most programs put kids into three categories, the lows, the middles, and the highs. I’m so proud that Ascend Math architecture allows kids to work at their own pace. So often, the kids that started at the lowest will end up at the highest.

Many students in Ms. Kathryn King’s ELL class at South Cobb High School in Cobb County, GA began at a third or fourth grade proficiency in 2018. By the end of the 2018-19 school year, all of these students passed their algebra End of Course test. Several students went on to be placed in Honors Geometry, leapfrogging many of the students in other math classes.

As Ken Williams says so eloquently the process of sorting students is detrimental to a student’s psyche.

Let’s change the paradigm and give students a chance to soar!

Marjorie Briley


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