March Mathness 2021

march mathness

This year we’ll kick off our fun related blog, March Mathness, with an activity created by the Ascend Math Team!

Use the Ascend Math Graph Exploration to plot the distribution of team colors and mascots by referring to: Why you should always pick blue and orange teams in the NCAA tournament and How to pick your NCAA tournament bracket based on team mascots.

Here are two awesome examples of past March math problems! But first, we would like to challenge your classes to create and submit your own NCAA tournament related math problems! You could use the graphing exploration, another Ascend Math resource, or simply submit a problem. Every class submitting a problem will be eligible. All entries will be featured on the Ascend Math blog with the name of your school and class. We will even include a picture or logo from your school with the posting.

The winning classroom will receive a $50 Visa gift card for their March Madness party. Use the gift card to purchase pizzas, cupcakes, juice, or whatever you like for your class party. Drawings will be held on April 9, 2021.

Problem 1:

A college basketball court is 94 ft by 50 ft (4,700 square feet). There are 68 teams competing in this year’s NCAA Tournament. If the court is divided into 68ths so each team can practice, how many square feet will each team get to practice?

Problem 2:

College players use a basketball that is 9.4 inches in diameter.  The hoop is 18 inches in diameter.  If a ball passes exactly through the center of the net, how much space will there be between the edge of the ball and the hoop?

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