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Ascend Education Joins Forces with Learn Press Release


    • Ascend Education announced 2011 Gold Medal WINNER, Fort Stockton Middle School, Texas, Selected for Exemplary Best Practices and Successes in Math Intervention

Ascend Education 2011 Gold Medal Winner Press Release


    • Ascend Education today announced the release of Ascend Math®’s scope and sequence alignment to the Common Core Standards.

Ascend Education Announces Support For Common Core Standards


    • Ascend Education released new data providing further evidence of continued and impressive student achievement gains during the Fall 2010 semester at its partner schools.

Ascend Math® Schools Release Data On Significant Student Achievement Gains


    • Ascend Education and Close Education Join Forces with the Indiana Educational Service Centers to bring Math Intervention to Indiana Students

Ascend IAESC Press Release


    • Ascend Math Releases Ascend 4.0 for Home Users

Ascend Math 4.0 Press Release


    • Technology & Learning Conference 2010. Glendale, AZ Associate Superintendent Reports Significant Reduction in Algebra 1 Failure Rates.

eSchool News Interviews District Associate Superintendent


    • Technology & Learning 2010 Conference. WY High School Reports Fifty percent (50%) of students at risk to fail PAWS state assessment show proficiency after using Ascend Math for intervention.

eSchool News Interviews Converse County School District


    • Ascend Math Extends Instructional Offerings to Early Elementary Students. Math resources now available for kindergarten – second grade students.

Early Elementary Students Press Release


    • Ascend Education School Sites Report Rapid Gains in Math Achievement.

Rapid Gains in Math Achievement Press Release


    • Watch Kevin Briley at ISTE 2010 at eSchoolNew TV Video Portal

Kevin Briley at ISTE 2010


    • Ascend Education has announced the appointment of Luba B. Lewytzkyj as Director of Strategic Marketing and Sales. In her new role, Lewytzkyj will oversee strategic initiatives and the sales and marketing programs supporting the company’s innovative, web-based Ascend® math intervention program.

Ascend Education Announces Director of Strategic Marketing and Sales


    • Ascend Math releases Ascend 4.0! The 4.0 release enhances Ascend’s class structures and automated features. Many of these updates are a direct result of suggestions from our Ascend Schools and partners. We thank you for your continual feedback and encourage more suggestions in the future.  Early user feedback is extremely positive. Read more about the updates.

Ascend Math Releases Ascend 4.0 Press Release


    • Ascend Math honors the Spring 2010 Gold MedalWinner, Banks Stephens Middle School, at a breakfast at the ISTE Conference in Denver.

Gold Medal Winner Press Release


    • Ascend Math highlights best practices with the Gold Medal Program.

Ascend Math Gold Medal Program Press Release


    • Ascend’s instructional activities now includes Spanish support in text, audio and video that gives English Language Learners a leg up in understanding key math concepts. More

Ascend Education Spanish Press Release


    • Ascend Education Presents Flash Card Math!

Ascend Education Flash Card Math Press Release


    • Data shows the Math Gap is Closing in Two Florida Schools

Ascend Education FETC 09 Press Release


    • Ascend Education has released data from five recent case studies, underscoring the efficacy of the
      company’s Ascend® Math Solution 3.3.

Ascend Education T+L Release 2008


    • Team of Educators at a school using Ascend
      were one of twenty teams selected to participate in the 2007 Microsoft US Innovative Teachers Forum

Aspen Valley High School Release


    • Announcing: The Ascend® Math Solution, Release 3.0

T+L 2007 Release


    • New Feature Release – The Ascend Math Solution – Practice Problem Solutions

Practice Problem Solution Release


    • Summit Interactive forms Ascend Education, Names Education Publishing and Technology Leader,
      Tom Fitzgerald, as Chief Executive Officer

Tom Fitzgerald Release


    • Research Results

Research PDF