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Ascend Math News June 2022

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Student Spotlight

Now more than ever we would love to hear about your students’ success as you move to remote learning! Tag us in a post on your favorite social media outlet and use #AscendStudentSpotlight to receive a set of Ascend Math pencils for your entire class!


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Model Educators &

Model Schools

View all Model Educators on the Ascend Math National Hall of Fame Page.

Share Your Success and Best Practices!

We have enjoyed hearing from you! It is exciting to hear how students are continuing to soar. Click here to hear from some of our partners on how Ascend Math has aided in their students’ success and how they are supporting their students.

We would love to hear your story! Share your best practices in Ascend Math to be featured on our website! Submit your brief video (15-30 seconds) to As our way of saying thanks, we’ll send you a cool Ascend Math t-shirt!

Summer School

Will your students use Ascend Math for summer school? If so, please take this 30-second quiz. Or contact your local representative or our support team with any questions you may have. 

If your students will not be using Ascend Math for summer school, please complete our brief getting started guide that will assist in a smooth transition into the new school year.

Partner School of the Month

Congratulations to Taylor County Elementary School in Perry, FL, our June Partner School of the Month!! During the 2021-2022 school year, students have an average gain of 49% from the Pre Assessment to Post Assessment results. Almost a third of students have completed 1 or more levels this school year! 

Click to hear from our friends at Taylor County ES!

Product Update

We have added a new feature, Pause Student, to help school administrators and teachers better recognize when a student is struggling with a particular objective. This will allow teachers to intervene and help students with the objective. When turned on, the Pause feature will pause the student’s ability to take a post assessment after 5 failed post assessment attempts. Students will also receive a message to notify their teacher when paused.

School administrators and teachers will also be able to see if students have failed the post assessment 5 times when the  icon displays in the Attempts column on the Live Student Tracker.

Tip of the Month

Make sure your students get credit for the time worked in Ascend Math. Remind them to log out of their accounts instead of closing the web browser.

Schedule your Fall Training now! Contact your local Ascend Math representative or call (318) 865-8232 to review training options.


We would love to help the students of your friends or fellow educators! Visit our website  and let us know who could benefit from Ascend Math! As a thank you we will send you an “I Teach Extraordinary Kids” t-shirt as a gift.

Virtual Backgrounds

Our Rewards and Resources page now has free virtual backgrounds available to save and use during your virtual meetings! Come check them out! Instructions are provided, if needed.

6 Things You Need to Know

You can find helpful tips in getting started by viewing the Six Things You Need to Know. Once you are signed into Ascend Math, click on the Administration tab, then select the Six Things You Need to Know link. You will find information grouped by subject. Click a subject bar to find out more.

Do you have teachers new to Ascend Math? Consider a Quick Start Training

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