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Ascend Math News May 2021

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Student Spotlight

Now more than ever we would love to hear about your students’ success as you move to remote learning! Tag us in a post on your favorite social media outlet and use #AscendStudentSpotlight to receive a set of Ascend Math pencils for your entire class!


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Model Educators &

Model Schools

Click here to view the list of Ascend Math Model Educators and Model Schools and learn how you can apply!


Gold Medal Winners

Announcing the 2021 Gold Medal Honorees! 

During the 2020-2021 school year, we have seen schools display amazing resilience implementing hybrid and distance learning models to stem their students learning loss and utilize Ascend to accelerate math learning. We are delighted to see that many of our schools also reported growth on high stakes tests, exceeding their projected growth targets. We are so thankful for our Gold Medal schools, what they are doing to support their students, and the ways they have shared their learning models to help other educators implement best practices.

The over 7,000 students in our 34 Gold Medal schools had an average post test gain of 52% this year! Most students gained from 1 to 3 levels in Ascend Math! Each Gold Medal school implements Ascend Math in their own unique way, and yet all schools achieved great success in fulfilling their bold goals. Click to find out what success looks like to our Gold Medal schools.

Summer School

Will your students use Ascend Math for summer school? If so, please take this 2-minute quiz. Or contact your local representative or our support team with any questions you may have. 

Beginning of Year Survey

If your students will not be using Ascend Math for summer school, please complete our brief getting started guide that will assist in a smooth transition into the new school year. Click here to complete this one-minute guide

Partner School of the Month

Congratulations to Riverwatch Middle School in Suwanee, GA, our Partner School of the Month! Since December 40% of students have completed one or more levels in Ascend Math.

“Our teachers have shared that they love how the program data lets them see specific skills they can use for differentiation. They also love how the guided direct instruction in the videos addresses the needs of each student. Our students are gaining not only math skills, but also the confidence to approach new tasks in class.”

 – Ginger Breyo, Student Support Coordinator

Product Update

Read aloud is now available in Practice Problems, the Screener – LR, Pre Assessment questions, and Post Assessment questions.  

Tip of the Month

Encourage and reward your students’ success in Ascend Math by emailing them certificates!

To create and send certificates:

  1. Select Certificates under the Reports tab.
  2. Choose Individual Certificates.
  3. Create certificates by selecting a class, student, level and type of certificate. Click Create Certificate. The certificate will open in a separate tab.
  4. Click the Download icon and save the certificate to your computer.
  5. Email the saved certificates to your students to celebrate their achievements!

Visit our Rewards and Resources webpage to access additional certificates.

Virtual Backgrounds

Our Rewards and Resources page now has free virtual backgrounds available to save and use during your virtual meetings! Come check them out! Instructions are provided, if needed.

Share Your Success!

Share your students’ success with us! Tweet with the hashtag #AscendStudentSpotlight and tag @AscendEducation to receive Ascend Math pencils for your entire class!

6 Things You Need to Know

You can find helpful tips in getting started by viewing the Six Things You Need to Know. Once you are signed into Ascend Math, click on the Administration tab, then select the Six Things You Need to Know link. You will find information grouped by subject. Click a subject bar to find out more.



We would love to help the students of your friends and fellow educators! Visit our website to share their contact information with us and we’ll send you an “I Teach Extraordinary Kids” t-shirt as our gift to you.

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