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Ascend Math News November 2019

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Student Spotlight


Exciting news from Willmar Middle School in MN! When students have down time in their classroom, they choose to work in Ascend Math!



Upcoming Events

November 4 – 5
Baton Rouge, LA
November 5
5:00 pm Eastern
November 6
5:00 pm Eastern

 Thanksgiving Math


Three covered baskets are brought to the
Thanksgiving dinner. The first covered basket has two pumpkin pies. The second covered basket has two apple pies. The third covered basket has one pumpkin pie and one apple pie. The baskets look the same. You reach into one without looking and pull out an apple pie. What are the odds that the remaining pie in that basket is also apple? (Find the answer at the bottom of the newsletter)

 Tell Us What You Think!


The annual Ascend Math customer experience and satisfaction survey will be emailed to you on November 5, 2019. Your input of just a few questions goes a long way in helping us improve Ascend Math for you and your students. Your ideas from past surveys have led to improvements and new reports like the Parent Report.

Tip of the Month


Log Out, Don’t X Out

Would you like to see the progress your students have made? Do you have questions about reports in Ascend Math? Now that your students have been working for several months, it is a great time to schedule a data review. Feel free to contact your local representative to schedule a convenient time or reply and we can schedule a time.


Product Updates

Parent Report

You requested it and we created it for you! We are excited to announce the Parent Report is now available for you in Ascend Math. Access the Parent Report by selecting Progress Reports under the Reports tab. This report includes a brief description of Ascend Math for parents.

The Parent Report includes the starting and current level of a student in Ascend and the amount of growth and time spent in Ascend Math. The report includes a bar graph using data from the Student Progress Summary. The bar graph indicates how many units within the current level have been completed and how many units remain within the current level. There is a signature line if you would like for your students to return their report.

Just in Time Study Guides

Print study guides on demand from your Live Student Tracker! Access the Live Student Tracker from any of your Class Dashboards or under the Reports tab. Select Print Stud Guides to group the study guide for each of your students’ next objective into a single PDF ready for printing. A student’s current study guide can be printed by selecting the link under the Obj. # column. Click here to watch a short video about the Live Student Tracker and learn how it can become a great every day resource to you.

Learn More

Partner School of the Month

Congratulations to Friendsville Elementary School in Friendsville, MD. Students at Friendsville Elementary School have already spent more than 500 hours working in Ascend Math this school year! Almost half of their students have completed a level!

“I feel the program is an amazing asset to our math intervention program. The students spend 30 min a day on the program. The classroom teacher spends 30 minutes on direct instruction, the intervention teacher will come in after the independent on-level instruction and work collaboratively with the classroom teacher to provide interventions on the grade level work. The last 30 minutes is where the “magic” happens, and the students work on building capacity through the Ascend Program. It is our belief that during future years, when using the program, students will have a greater capacity in mathematics and will be able to perform at or above grade level in mathematics. The Live Student Tracker allows our intervention staff to monitor and intervene immediately to ensure our students practice the concepts correctly.”

  – James Friend, Principal

Helpful Resources

Six Things You Need to Know: Faster source for help: The Six Things You Need to Know answers the most common questions and leverages the best tools in your Ascend Math program. To view Six Things simply log in as a teacher, then select the Administrator tab. 


Fifty Compasses: More than 50 new Compasses (Teacher Guides for Ascend Math Explorations) have been developed and are accessible from the View School Study Plan page and our Rewards and Resources page. Ascend Math Compasses contain helpful information to use in group instruction for online and offline activities and project-based learning. 


Ascend Math Sherpa


Have you joined the Ascend Math Sherpas? Our new professional learning community allows you to learn best practices from educators using Ascend Math in their classrooms.  


Upcoming Webinar: 
Using Teacher Dashboard

November 6

5:00 Eastern, 4:00 Central, 3:00 Mountain, 2:00 Pacific


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Upcoming Webinar: 
Introduction to Assign Objectives

November 18

4:30 Eastern, 3:30 Central, 2:30 Mountain, 1:30 Pacific

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